Dive into Long John Silver’s Rewards Program: Your Guide to Seafood Savings

Calling all seafood enthusiasts! Long John Silver’s, the beloved haven for crispy fish and golden fries, offers a swashbucklin’ rewards program called the “Secreat Society” (yes, that’s the official spelling!). Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you navigate this program and maximize your savings on delicious seafood feasts.

Setting Sail with the Secreat Society:

The Secreat Society is entirely free to join! You can sign up online at the Long John Silver’s website (https://www.ljsilvers.com/rewards/) or through their app (if available in your region). Once you’re a member, you’ll be well on your way to earning rewards on your favorite seafood indulgences.

Treasures of the Secreat Society:

  • Earning Booty (Points): Every $1 spent on qualifying food and beverage items at Long John Silver’s lands you 4 shiny treasure coins (points) in your account. These points are the key to unlocking delicious rewards!
  • Redeeming Your Bounty: Accumulated points can be used to redeem special offers on meals or menu items. Keep an eye on your rewards account or ask your cashier about available offers.

Important Notes:

  • Not all purchases qualify for points. Be sure to check the program details or ask your cashier for clarification.
  • There might be regional variations in the rewards program.

Long John Silver’s App (if available):

  • While the app isn’t available everywhere, it can be a handy tool for managing your Secreat Society rewards. You can track your points, view current offers, and potentially order online with your rewards account linked.

Where to Find More Information:

  • Long John Silver’s Rewards Page: https://www.ljsilvers.com/rewards/
  • This page explains the program’s basics and how to redeem points.
  • Long John Silver’s App (if available): The app might provide additional program details or functionalities.

The Final Haul:

While Long John Silver’s rewards program doesn’t offer traditional gift cards, it’s a fantastic way to save on your favorite seafood meals. By joining the Secreat Society, you can accumulate points and redeem them for special offers, essentially treating yourself or a friend to delicious savings. So, set sail with the Secreat Society and embark on a rewarding seafood adventure!