Long John Silver’s Nutrition [updated February 2024]

Welcome to the Long John Silver’s Nutrition Menu!

Dive into the Long John Silver’s Nutrition Menu and navigate the high seas of flavor without getting beached by hidden calories. We’ll chart your course through fried favorites, grilled options, and healthier sides, all with nutrition info in tow.

So grab your fork (and maybe a life vest for that cholesterol count) – it’s time to explore the hidden depths of your favorite seafood shack!

Long John Silver's Nutrition

Alaskan Pollock and Seafood

Battered Alaskan Pollock (1 piece)2601412
Battered Shrimp (3 pieces)13085
Popcorn Shrimp (1 snack box)270148
Buttered Langostino Lobster Bites (1 snack box)230910
Breaded Clam Strips (1 snack box)320175
Grilled Pacific Salmon (2 filets)150520
Grilled Tilapia (1 filet)1102.512
Shrimp Scampi (8 pieces)200137
Langostino Lobster Stuffed Crab Cake (1 cake)170910

Long John Silver’s Chicken Strips

Chicken Strips (1 piece)14088

Sandwiches and More

Alaskan Pollock Sandwich (1 sandwich)4702122
Ultimate Alaskan Pollock Sandwich (1 sandwich)5302421
Chicken Strip Sandwich (1 sandwich)4402722
Baja Fish Taco (1 taco)360218
Baja Chicken Strip Taco (1 taco)370218
Zesty Chicken Strip Sandwich (1 sandwich)3801714
Freshside Grille Salmon Entrée (1 plate)280627
Grille Tilapia Entrée (1 plate)2504.525
Freshside Grille Shrimp Scampi Entrée (1 plate)3301410


BBQ (1 dipping cup)4000
Cocktail Sauce (1 oz.)2500
Honey Mustard (1 dipping cup)10060
Ketchup (1 packet)1000
Lemon Juice (1 packet)000
Louisiana Hot Sauce (1 teaspoon)500
Malt Vinegar (0.5 oz.)000
Marinara (1 dipping cup)15002
Ranch (1 dipping cup)160150
Sweet & Sour (1 dipping cup)4500
Tartar Sauce (1 oz.)10090

Long John Silver’s Sides

Fries – Platter Portion (3 oz.)230100
Fries – Basket Combo Portion (4 oz.)310140
Hushpuppy (1 pup)602.51
Cole Slaw (4 oz.)200131
Corn Cobbette without Butter Oil (1 cobbette)900.52
Corn Cobbette with Butter Oil (1 cobbette)15092
Crumblies (1 oz.)170100
Breadstick (1 breadstick)17032
Vegetable Medley (4 oz.)500.52
Rice (5 oz.)18014
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (3 pieces)15095
Jalapeno Peppers (1 whole pepper)1501

Long John Silver’s Desserts

Chocolate Cream Pie (1 slice)280163
Pineapple Cream Pie (1 slice)300153

Ice Flow Lemonade

Iceflow Lemonade (16 oz. cup)19000
Iceflow Lemonade (20 oz. cup)24000
Strawberry Iceflow Lemonade (16 oz. cup)24000
Strawberry Iceflow Lemonade (20 oz. cup)31000


All item served (12 fl. oz.)

Mountain Dew16000
Sierra Mist15000
Dr. Pepper15000
Tropicana Lemonade15000

Long John Silver’s fish nutrition information

Here’s a quick guide to making healthy and tasty choices when enjoying fish:

Grill it up for less fat: Grilled fish like shrimp or salmon are your lean protein champs. They’re much lower in fat and calories than their crispy, battered buddies.

Watch your portion sizes: Don’t be fooled by small-looking fish! A single piece of battered cod can have around 200 calories, while three pieces of battered shrimp might each have 100 calories.

Ditch the dip, keep the flavor: Sauces and dips can add sneaky sodium and fat. Skip the heavy tartar sauce and opt for a squeeze of lemon.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining us on this nutritional journey! We hope it empowers you to make satisfying and balanced choices at Long John Silver’s nutrition. Now, go forth and conquer those cravings with confidence!