Long John Silver’s Family Meal [updated 2024]

Long John Silver’s Family Meals have you covered! These are perfect for feeding a hungry bunch, whether it’s your family, friends, or a whole pirate ship’s worth of appetites. Let’s dive into what makes them a great choice for your next meal.

Long John Silver's Family Meal

Long John Silver’s Family Meals are a great way to enjoy a fun and delicious seafood feast with your family.

Family Meal NameDescriptionPrice (Estimated)
Classic Family MealFeeds 4-5 people. Includes 12 pieces of fish, 4 side dishes, and 4 hushpuppies.$29.99
Big Catch Family MealFeeds 6-8 people. Includes 16 pieces of fish, 6 side dishes, and 6 hushpuppies.$39.99
Ultimate Family FeastFeeds 8-10 people. Includes 20 pieces of fish, 8 side dishes, and 8 hushpuppies.$49.99

Long John Silver’s Family Meal Deal

Absolutely! Long John Silver’s offers a Family Meal Deal that’s perfect for feeding a crew of hungry pirates (or just your regular landlubber family).

Sizes: They come in two sizes: a meal for 3-4 adults and one for 7-8 adults.

Main Course: You can choose between all-white-meat chicken or Alaska pollock, both hand-battered in their classic recipe. Eight pieces come in the smaller size, and sixteen in the larger.

Sides: You get your choice of family-sized sides to complete the meal. There are options to fit everyone’s tastes.

Hushpuppies: No Long John Silver’s meal is complete without hushpuppies! Both sizes come with their signature deep-fried cornbread balls.

Official website: www.ljsilvers.com

Long John Silver’s Seafood Family Meal

Here’s the breakdown of the sizes:

8-Piece Family Meal: Perfect for a small crew, this meal comes with 8 pieces of your choice of fish or chicken, two family-sized sides, and 8 hushpuppies.

12-Piece Family Meal: This meal includes 12 pieces of your choice of fish or chicken, three family-sized sides, and 12 hushpuppies.

Fish & Shrimp Family Feast: Calling all shrimp lovers! This feast combines 8 pieces of crispy fish and 12 pieces of their classic shrimp, all served with two family-sized sides and 8 hushpuppies.

Final Thoughts

Long John Silver’s Family Meals offers a convenient and delicious way to feed a crew. They come in a few different sizes to suit your needs, from feeding a small family of 3-4 people to a larger group of 7-8. The meals are packed with protein with your choice of fish or chicken and come with sides and hushpuppies to round out the feast.

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