Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 Deal

Welcome to Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 Deal!

Long John Silver’s has a new limited-time offer that’s perfect for those on a budget or craving variety.

Their 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal lets you choose any two of their delicious entrees (like fish, chicken, or shrimp) and sides for just $6. It’s a quick and affordable way to satisfy your seafood cravings without breaking the bank.

Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 Deal

What’s Included in the 2 for $6 Mix & Match Deal

The beauty of the 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal is the variety! You can choose any two items you want from their special menu, whether it’s two of the same thing or a fun mix-and-match. Here’s what you can pick from:

  • For the Seafood Lovers: Classic battered fish (including a single fillet or a 2-piece option), wild-caught haddock, or popcorn shrimp.
  • Landlubber Options: Grilled salmon or crispy chicken tenders.
  • Something Different: Crab cakes for a unique twist.

How Long is the 2 for $6 Mix & Match Deal Available?

Heads up, seafood fans! The popular 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal at Long John Silver’s won’t last forever. This budget-friendly offer lets you create your own meal with any two entrees and sides for just $6.

But there’s a catch! It’s a limited-time promotion that started in January 2023 and might not be available everywhere forever.

Since Long John Silver’s often has special deals coming and going, it’s a good idea to check with your local restaurant to see if they still have the 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal. With these tasty and affordable options, there’s no reason not to try it out before it disappears!

Customizing Your 2 for $6 Mix & Match Meal

The real win with the 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal is the customization!

Craving Seafood? Go for the classic battered fish, try the lighter grilled salmon or haddock, or dive into some popcorn shrimp.

Landlubber leaning? Crispy chicken tenders are calling your name.

Feeling adventurous? Grab some crab cakes for a unique twist.

No matter your taste, the deal includes a side dish too. Pick from classic fries and coleslaw, or choose something more exciting like mac & cheese or onion rings. The Mix & Match lets you try new things at Long John Silver’s or stick with your tried-and-true favorites – all for just $6!

Is the Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 Mix & Match Deal Worth It?

Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal is your saving grace! For just $6, you can build your own delicious meal by choosing any two of their popular items – think crispy fish, juicy chicken tenders, or popcorn shrimp. Feeling fancy? They even have grilled salmon!

This deal is a steal compared to other fast food places. Most combo meals these days cost upwards of $8 or even $10, but here you get a good amount of food for a fraction of the price. Plus, the ability to mix and match lets you create a meal that perfectly fits your cravings.

Long story short, next time you have a hankering for Long John Silver’s, skip the overpriced combos and grab the 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal. It’s a win for your taste buds and your wallet!

How to Order the Deal

Head to your nearest Long John Silver’s. Make sure the deal is still running (it’s for a limited time!).

Browse the menu or ask your server. They’ll have all the Mix & Match options listed.

Pick your perfect pair! Choose any two entrees (fish, chicken, shrimp, etc.) and sides (fries, mac & cheese, onion rings, etc.) that tickle your fancy.

Tell the cashier it’s a Mix & Match deal. Let them know which two items you want for each category.

Enjoy your delicious and affordable meal! That’s it, you’ve just scored a customized feast for just $6.

Contact Information

Long John Silver’s Corporate Office Address: 10350 Ormsby Park Pl 3rd floor, Louisville, KY 40223, United States

Long John Silver’s Corporate Phone Number: +1 502-815-6100

Official website: www.ljsilvers.com


Is the 2 for $6 deal only for a limited time?

Yes, the Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 and Mix & Match deals are only available for a limited time. Check with your local restaurant for details on how long the deals are offered.

What are the best options for the Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 deal?

Top options include getting the fish with fries or hushpuppies, the popcorn shrimp with coleslaw, or chicken tenders with your choice of side. Mix and match for variety!

What comes with the Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 deal?

The 2 for $6 deal includes your choice of one entree and one side from Long John Silver’s Mix & Match menu. Entree options include fish, chicken tenders, shrimp, and more.

How much is Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 deal?

Long John Silver’s 2 for $6 allows you to choose 2 select menu items for only $6 total. The price may vary slightly by location but is around $6 before tax.

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